Experience the next era of Cargosnap with our most productive design yet.

At Cargosnap, we've always believed in pushing the boundaries of user experience. That's why we've spent countless hours testing, refining, and implementing our customers' valuable feedback to bring an interface that's as dynamic as their needs. And today we are happy to announce the release of the redesigned Cargosnap interface in both the platform and the app – engineered to elevate logistics teams' productivity even more.

Cargosnap platform
Cargosnap platform
Cargosnap platform

Changes in the App 

  • Swippable Workflow Start: We understand the importance of efficiency when it comes to managing your cargo. With our new swippable feature, starting your workflow in the app with your reference has never been easier. Simply swipe and select your reference, saving you valuable time and effort. 

  • Redesigned Universal Barcode and QR Code Scanner: Our universal bar and QR code scanner have been revamped for improved functionality. You can expect a smoother and more intuitive experience in your day to day operations. 

  • Enhanced Progress Bar: While performing your workflow, stay informed with a clear overview indicating the number of completed steps and those remaining. Now you can ensure that your team is always aware of the progress towards finishing the workflow. 

  • Updated Camera Interface: Capturing multiple pictures is now faster and smoother than ever before. Our updated camera interface ensures a seamless experience, so you can snap photos with ease and confidence.

Changes in the Platform 

Top Bar Navigation Menu

We've relocated the navigation menu from the left to the top bar for improved accessibility and navigation. Now, accessing key features and functionalities is more convenient than ever.

Updated Overview for Files, Workflows, and Forms

Our platform's overview section has been revamped to provide a clearer and more comprehensive view of your files, workflows, and forms. With enhanced organization and visibility, managing your cargo data has never been more straightforward. 

Workflow Overview

Gain a comprehensive overview of all steps in your workflow in just one click. Our new design helps you instantly visualize the sequence of tasks your team needs to take per workflow, ensuring clarity and transparency at every stage.

See Cargosnap in action

Experience the new look of Cargosnap today and revolutionize the way you manage your cargo operations. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to innovate and evolve to meet your needs or download the brochure to explore the full power of Cargosnap.