Who we are

CargoSnap is a young company; we started in 2017 and have rapidly expanded our team and services to a growing group of customers. \n\nWe are Logistics experts and talented software developers. Bringing these worlds together is fun and exciting, but most of all, it has enabled us to come up with a fresh approach to dealing with Proof of Condition documentation. We believe in a “best in class” solution. We do not try to be your “solution for everything”, we’d rather be the undisputed functional and thought leader for Logistics Proof of Condition documentation. That is our vision.”

CEO CargoSnap

Marcel Merkx

Logistics entrepreneur and imagineer, with a broad background in international business. During his tenure in a blue chip global manufacturer, Marcel held various international leadership positions in IT, Procurement and Logistics.

Senior Developer

Buster de Beer

Full-stack web developer with a knack for web based Software as a Service solution. Involved with CargoSnap from day one, there are no secrets to our product for Buster!

Business Development Manager

Daria Kremenskaia

Transportation and Logistics professional with about 20 years of experience in operational and commercial ship management, sales, procurement and logistics. As a Business Development Manager, Daria is responsible for identifying, developing, negotiating and improving business relationships.

Senior Developer

Joost Buijgers

Software engineer with over 10 years of experience who is passionate about creating quality software. Joost has a clear focus on software stability and flexibilty, enabling CargoSnap to keep on innovating to meet customer demands.

Managing Director North America

Ben Spilger

Intra- and entrepreneur with an international background in logistics and freight management. Throughout two decades with a respected Fortune 500 company, Ben started, led and transformed businesses in a broad array of environments and geographies.

President North America

Ed Hamorsky

Experienced people manager, with years of experience leading a global manufactures Logistics. As Global Director of Logistics at a global manufacturing company, Ed created a track record of improving customer service while reducing costs.

VP, Latin America

Daniel Lins

Entrepreneur, graduated in business administration, with more than 20 years background in logistics, managing complex operations in global setting. Currently, leads business in Logistics, Marketing and Technology sectors throughout Latin America.

VP, Latin America

Vinicius Leque

Entrepreneur, graduated in Agricultural Engineering and holding an MBA. Vinicius has more than 20 years of background in agricultural commodities operations. Currently leads the largest fumigation company in Latin America.

Head of Sales and Marketing Latin America

Flavio Moreira

Entrepreneur, graduated in Foreign Trade and holding an MBA on Sales & Marketing Management, with 6 years of experience in Global Freight Forwarder’s as Pricing & Procurement on global contracts, prior to moving into CargoSnap. For the past years, Flavio has been active in the innovation and technology ecosystem in the Brazilian market.

Managing Director India

Sanjay Kumar Bhanjana

Cost optimization expert, setup global Procurement function for 3 Fortune 500 majors in IT, Telecom and Engineering sector in a corporate career of 20 years. Through Strategic Sourcing, negotiation of global contracts and digitization & automation of processes and supply chains, Sanjay brought efficiencies to the global organizations from Asia, Europe and US

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Cargosnap Family

We are a team of long term Logistics experts combined with talented software developers. Bringing these worlds together is fun and exciting, but most of all, it has enabled us to come up with a fresh approach to dealing with Proof of Condition documentation. Contact us