CargoSnap helps VDH to lock in quality processes in their activities

VDH, The Freight Masters, offers a complete supply chain solution, where value-add is put in the center.

“Our logistics activities take place in different locations in the Netherlands and besides that we also run a fleet of 60 trucks. To work together, clear communication is essential. CargoSnap support that”, explains Martijn Heestermans, Managing Director at VDH.

“Speed, completeness and locking in quality are the key benefits that CargoSnap brings us”

Fast and complete

“CargoSnap allows us to link photos directly to the right file. We no longer loose time by sharing with email and WhatsApp. Files are clearly stored in the cloud and our own system: this way anyone on our team always has access to the right infomation. By linking all information to the license plates of our trucks, CargoSnap makes the right people aware of a file and no information is lost in the process”

Locking in quality

“What makes CargoSnap unique is that the quality of the images is retained. Images are not reduced like what happens when one uses WhatsApp. This means we can always zoom in on a high level of detail in an image. This means we never loose any important information and we lock in the quality we provide into the files we build.”


“We set up various workflows in CargoSnap. That helps a lot as during the execution of our processes, reminders are provided for the various steps and all information is recorded. That information is then easily shared wit our customers, with the push of a button.”