The main benefit is that the pictures can be used by all users connected to the CargoSnap platform, you do not have to send pictures via email.

SCA Logistics: “No more searching for pictures”

SCA Logistics terminal in Sundsvall, Sweden is responsible for transporting paper pulp, paper and wood products, mainly for the SCA group. It handles about 1,7 million tons of cargo annually, and has a warehouse capacity of 70,000 m2.

No more handheld cameras
As the handheld cameras needed to be phased out and SCA Logistics was looking for an alternative way to easily document the inspections of empty containers that arrive at the terminal, Oscar Ulin from the Container Planning department got a tip from their Rotterdam colleagues about CargoSnap. Previously all pictures were taken using handheld cameras that were then manually uploaded by a dedicated employee to a personal computer. After a successful trial period, the team of SCA Logistics decided to keep using CargoSnap in their daily operations.

Easy access to data
“The main benefit is that the pictures can be used by all the users connected to the CargoSnap platform, so you do not have to send pictures via email.”, says Oscar Ulin. CargoSnap offers unlimited storage when it comes to number of files and also unlimited number of users. Within a couple of clicks everyone can find, show and share all relevant data of a particular shipment. As a result, in case of a damage claim, there is transparency within the operations.

User-friendly app
SCA logistics team is of the opinion that CargoSnap is a “user-friendly app with all the features that were needed.” CargoSnap app works on any smart phone or tablet and can be installed and be up and running within seconds. Without lengthy menus and options, information can be gathered in a few steps. Using the latest OCR technology, unique references such as Container numbers, Barcodes, QR Codes, License plates and more can be scanned, so no more typing and mistyping needed! One of the unexpected benefits as well for SCA Logistics was the functionality to create reports inside the solution in a couple of clicks.
“We hope to implement the app/routines in our other processes also.” – says Oscar, seeing value of the solution for the rest of the SCA Logistics team.

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