Neele-Vat: giving the customer insight into logistics processes

Neele-Vat Logistics is one of Netherlands largest logistics service providers. The company provides storage and value added logistics activities from multiple sites in Rotterdam, Amsterdam and other Dutch logistics hotspots, serving diverse products and customers.

Neele-Vat has been using CargoSnap since early 2018. Tecelli Kurt, customer service manager at Neele-Vat explains:

Some customers seek insight into the logistics processes we execute on their behalf. As they cannot be present at the loading and discharge, we use photo's to give them that insight. The CargoSnap app makes it easy for the colleagues in the warehouse to take pictures and these images are then automatically and insightfully placed into the right digital file. This way we can report the progress of our processes to all our clients at any time.

The main advantage Tecelli sees in CargoSnap is that images that have been taken are immediately available to multiple people in multiple locations.

Everyone is capable to work with the app and images land in the right file without delay.

Neele-Vat proves to be very happy with CargoSnap.

The product keeps developing. We have adopted it in multiple sites and sister-companies and surely our usage will continue to grow!