“No more searching. This saves me so much time”

Neele-Vat: The app is extremely user friendly and simple. It takes you through the process step by step.

Neele-Vat is a Full-Service Logistics Provider. They have been working with CargoSnap since 2018 in order to achieve a transparent and simple outbound freight process. It turned out to be quite successful!

“Incredible value for a small investment”

Alex Dikhoff, Branch Manager at Neele-Vat. He is the one who introduced CargoSnap to his branch. “We already used to take pictures of shipments and used to share these through app or email. This was a process prone to error. Typos in files are easy to make. Additionally, not all pictures could be used. My colleague from another branch told me he was using CargoSnap: an app using a scanning system in order to get a standard workflow. My expectations of a simple app that would simplify our entire process, were limited. But I did get interested”.

Once the app was set up and Alex was testing it himself, he was immediately convinced. “The app is extremely user friendly and simple. It takes you through the process step by step. It’s impossible to skip something. You’re naturally collecting all the required information. You scan the file number and after that, you take pictures as per instructions of the app. It’s possible to do it fast since there’s no need to select anything. Perfect!

Alex Dikhoff

“No more searching. This saves me so much time”

Jamie van Esch, Account Manager at Neele-Vat. “I’m in touch with our customers every day. It’s very convenient that nowadays I’m able to send a PDF with all related shipment pictures quickly. The customer receives one complete document instead of an email with separate attachments. I receive positive feedback about this regularly from customers. And it minimizes my workload. The only thing I have to do is fill in a document number and directly I find all information I need. No unnecessary searching for me anymore. One tap on the button and I’m able to print the PDF from CargoSnap, including date and time”.

Jamie van Esch

“Adapts perfectly to our processes, we won’t miss any steps”

Jamie is managing from behind his computer, while Hicham Zahaf, Warehouse Manager is managing the warehouse. “Streamlining the work in the warehouses is what I do. Quality is of course what I’m aiming for and CargoSnap is supporting me in this. The app makes the process transparent. If something goes wrong, it’s directly clear if the error was on our side or somewhere else in our supply chain. It is very informative for me and the warehouse workers. The app makes it clear what has to be improved. This has a positive effect; today mistakes are rarely made anymore. CargoSnap makes us very aware of our process. As for me, we wouldn’t use this app for outbound only, but also for inbound. In that case, everything will be secured”.

Hachim Zahaf

“Thanks to the app, mistakes become opportunities to improve”

The operational staff is as well very satisfied with the app. Piotr Niemiets, Senior Warehouse Worker, scans and takes pictures every day. “The implementation process? A short instruction was sufficient. After this, we were able to use the app directly. It’s not complicated. You just follow the clear instructions. Nothing can go wrong. Often, we had to wait until the computer was available to process outbound inspections. Nowadays we’re all doing this with help of the app. Very convenient!”