Make life easier and faster for everyone involved.

Metaal Transport: 'A true win-win application for our warehouse, our office and our clients':

Metaal Transport was founded in 1964 and has been a logistics specialist ever since when it comes to the warehousing and transportation of non-ferrous metals, steel products and ferro alloys. They are fully certified (LME and MMTA) and also offer stevedoring services for vessels at their Rotterdam facility.

Multiple sources of collecting data

Their daily business and their dedication of serving their customers in the best way possible, demands a very transparent way of working. From very early on Metaal Transport was collecting proof of condition of cargo handled at their premises. Previously it was gathered via multiple channels This was not the most effective way as at times, some photos could possibly get lost in the process. The traditional process had difficulties in collecting references, so it was not easy to link the visual evidence to a particular file or shipment. Furthermore, it was challenging to send a large amount of photos (data) to clients via E-mail.

One central collection platform

As the data was coming in from all sorts of sources, it was of vital importance that the improved way of working would lead to a centralized collection point. Metaal Transport was looking for a centralized, professional application, for the collection of pictures and registration of damages to goods. CargoSnap provided a comprehensive solution where any mobile device was used to easily scan a reference, in this case, a barcode, upload any data collected to one centralized platform.

Creating increased visibility to clients

With the use of CargoSnap, Metaal Transport has achieved a centralized way of working and also one storage platform for all the data being received. Along with this, is it very easy to adopt the app and reflect the operational environment with the flexible Workflows and Forms. According to Nico van Balen- Sales Manager of Metaal transport, CargoSnap also is vital in creating visibility to their clients. “A true win-win application for warehouse-staff, our office and our clients. We want to continue working with CargoSnap to make life easier and faster for everyone involved.”