CargoSnap has delivered a comprehensive solution, it really saves me a lot of time

K-Tainer: 'It really saves me a lot of time'

K-tainer has been in the logistics market for two decades, selling and leasing containers, performing custom container modifications and arranging global transportation. K-tainer began using CargoSnap in 2019 to perform inspections of every container they touch, benefiting both their own operations and that of their customers.

Integration with our own system is ideal

Kees Kamerling, CEO of K-Tainer, started the company about 20 years ago, and was joined by Walter Ferreira in 2019. There was an instant complementary connection between them, so much so that Walter will take over K-Tainer whenever Kees decides to take a well-deserved rest.

Kees & Walter

The two had been brainstorming for a while about how to make their company-wide processes run more smoothly. At one of the local conferences, Walter met Daria from CargoSnap and a short introduction was made. “The app she described sounded like music to my ears. We were looking for a system that would reduce the time spent inspecting containers and also speed up administrative work. CargoSnap could offer us exactly that. One of the requirements was that the solution could be linked to our own ERP. In our system we record all costs incurred per container. With CargoSnap we could easily link all the vital information, including photos in our own environment. All in one place, with one reference. Very convenient”, Walter later reflected.

Kees & Walter Inspecting

We can now provide customers with additional service

Because Walter and Kees often do the inspections themselves, they use the app a lot. Kees says, “We notice that we use less time per container than before. Scanning and taking photos is very fast and easy. Besides, CargoSnap is also a bit of a sales tool for me. With the pictures on my phone I show people what to expect from a new or a secondhand container. And as I take pictures of all the containers, I can easily trace them and show them to the clients which is greatly appreciated.”

CargoSnap has delivered a comprehensive solution, it really saves me a lot of time

Time is not only saved during physical container inspections, but also for handling all of the information flow. Michèle Lansbergen (Operational & Sales Support) now has a much better overview of all the information that comes in via the app on her CargoSnap platform in the office. “When we first got CargoSnap, I was convinced that this system only worked for loading operations. At first impression I seemed to be spending more time than usual - which definitely was not the intention. But then after I had posed all my questions to Marcel from CargoSnap and explained which points were important for me, within 10 minutes everything was clarified. What a service! From that moment on I’ve only been very satisfied with the solution. I never have to search through my emails for all kinds of information. All the data is stored on the platform with specific reference, on our case Container number. I can also create reports in PDF with a click of a button, instead of having to send them per email as we did previously. Very handy both for me and for our customer.”

One central storage data platform allows for a visible handling of data

As a Business Development Manager, Arjan Bresijn is involved in the sale and modification of containers. “I also do a lot of container inspections as it is part of my job. It’s very easy to work with CargoSnap. All the photos come into one central point. That saves us a lot of hassle as previously all images were received on one general email, so everyone got them, and you could never structure who would save the photos. Now with CargoSnap that discussion is over, all data comes into one place and is automatically stored.”