CargoSnap has greatly improved our Customer Relations

Grupo Fassina: “keep innovating”

CargoSnap customer Fassina has always had a feeling for innovation. It was the first company to:

  • Have satellite tracking in Brazil
  • Have an RFID controlled “Depot” system for empty containers
  • Exchange files via EDI with shippers in the port of Santos
  • outsource the stock of Assembly line supply of a Mercedes-Benz factory.

Having such innovative approach, Fassina saw an opportunity in CargoSnap, and with little investment, decided to implement it. As a result of the implementation, Fassina managed to eliminate disputes with customers when it came to condition of their cargo, as proof was now always readily and easily available. Literally all shipments are now digitally inspected, both upon receipt and dispatch.

CargoSnap has greatly improved our Customer Relations with providing proof of condition in a timely and comprehensive way, putting an end to any disputes when it comes to the condition of our Customers' cargo.

says Cezar Fassina, Marketing Director.

After almost two years of use, more than 26,000 inspections have been made, with more than 200,000 “snaps” stored (photos, videos, documents and digital forms). Fassina staff can search all these inspections either by Container number, vehicle license plate or any customer reference. Customer reports are generated from the platform and Fassina can show their clients exactly how a situation came about, thanks to CargoSnaps extensive audit feature. This has greatly increased Customer Satisfaction at Fassina.

Everything now has date, geolocation and user ID. Should any dispute take place, all the information is readily available. Fassina stands by the mission of always keeping an eye on the cargo for their clients. Their values are quality and visibility. Fassina explains they obtain a lot of value in the visual representation of the goods they carry. Images are worth more than words in this case! An image that Fassina associates CargoSnap with an increase of transparency, trust, quality, efficiency, data collection and simplicity.