We always have the evidence the goods left our facilities clean and in good order.

Euro-Rijn XL Logistics: “using CargoSnap delivers substantial time savings”

Everyone in logistics will at one point be confronted with damaged cargo. In order to handle damage claims quicker, it is important to document the situation with clear, visual evidence. CargoSnap’s mobile app makes that process clean and easy.

Euro-Rijn XL Logistics has been using CargoSnap for some time now. In their warehouse in Moerdijk, 500 containers per week are reloaded for shipment to distribution centers throughout Europe.

‘We really benefit from using CargoSnap. Images are stored in an orderly fashion, right upon taking the photo. All our staff can access these images, which delivers great time savings versus our old approach’, Bas Breugelmans, Warehouse Supervisor at Euro-Rijn XL Logistics, explains.

There are many potential causes for damage, be it water damage, storm damage or loading issues, sometimes (parts of) cargo arrives damaged.

Bas: ‘We register the nature of the inbound damage using CargoSnap, it is very fast and easy. Using the app we take a picture. We can then add a description and with one push of a button, the issue is reported to the right person in our office.’

Laura van Elsendoorn, Inbound Supervisor confirms the importance of this speed. ‘I immediately have the right information if needed to report the issue with our customer. Previously, to create a full and complete file would cost us a lot more time. CargoSnap delivers us a great amount of time saving. Especially, the sooner we have a response from our client, the sooner we can proceed with our activities.’

Collecting cargo condition evidence is not just a requirement for incoming (damaged) cargo.

Bas: ‘We also take pictures of all outbound goods, using CargoSnap. This way we always have the evidence that the goods left our facilities clean and in good order.’

It does not take much time for the Euro-Rijn XL Logistics employees to come up with the benefits of CargoSnap: great time savings throughout the process, ease of use for the various departments within the company and all employees like using it; young and old.

In short, I recommend anyone to use CargoSnap!