“CargoSnap is helping to show your process easily.”

Axflow: “CargoSnap is helping to show your process in an easy and structured way. Helps you to make important steps ahead.”

Axflow is a service-driven niche company in the fluid handling business. They source market-leading fluid handling equipment - such as pumps, mixers, valves, instruments, etc. – adding a significant value through product selection, system design, and construction as well as local service. They are active in Europe, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

“The cost of CargoSnap subscription is earned back 3-4 times over per month, the value for money is great! You get more insights; all the documents are within one platform, that is one of the biggest advantages.”

The team came across CargoSnap when they were looking for an easy solution to streamline their processes. Pieter Molenaar, Managing Director at Axflow BV, immediately signed up and created an account.

Before CargoSnap, the Axflow team had very much a manual process of taking photos using their mobile phones then sending photos by email to one addressee. Some evidence was received. Some were lost through the various channels. The photos would then be passed around through various emails, so it created a very long communication chain along which some essential evidence like a reference would eventually go missing.


Axflow uses CargoSnap in multiple processes within the company as it can be adapted to suit any operational process. Pieter creates workflows as the platform is straightforward to handle; if any questions arise, Customer Success Support of CargoSnap is always available to assist. Generally, the team of Axflow manages to handle all themselves.

“It was an easy tool from day one; our workflow was done within 15 minutes. Of course, you get to know the app by using it daily, but the basis is there.”

Within the scope of Axflow’s business is the revision of pumps – daily, they receive packages from their customers that contain pumps that need servicing or repairing. Pumps that need to be repaired or tested arrive dirty, not well packed. Sometimes the package contains extra parts like flanges. The best way to prove what condition you received the package, pump, or any extra parts is to take photos.


“When we get a claim, we have our inspection report. A photo provides indisputable evidence. If you do not have photos, you do not have proof. If you do not have proof, you may end up paying extra for a flange that wasn’t accounted for or went missing. And some pumps are costing thousands of euros so that extra cost may be significant.” The time used to inspect such shipments before was anything up to 45 minutes. Now it is done in about 10 minutes.

“Our customers are satisfied with our reports. Through the reports, they can see that we are taking care of their products. They know that we are working in a proper and structured manner. We can serve our customers in a professional and trustworthy way. If a customer asks for a report, we can provide it very quickly, with all the necessary evidence and our logo as well!.”

In the future, the intention is that there are workflows that will reflect as many processes as possible within Axflow, giving everyone an organized way to capture, store, and report vital data.