“Our customers are so happy with transparency.”

Amsterdam Warehouse Co: We have become even more efficient with this app.

Amsterdam Warehouse Co. started with one rack and has grown tremendously in five years. They’re located in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, providing storage management and repacking. To ensure that all processes run as smoothly as possible, they have successfully used CargoSnap since February 2020!

“Our customers are so happy with transparency.”

Frank Vreeburg, Warehouse Office Operator, got to know CargoSnap through LinkedIn: “After joined a demo, I was immediately enthusiastic. It was exactly what our company needed to improve our workflow. All the photos and documents are attached to one file number; you know exactly what is an order status”.

Together with CargoSnap we personalized workflows. “I had tested it with three employees, which we made some adjustments. When all the team started working with it, we noticed that it still needed some improvements. CargoSnap provides excellent customer service, releasing new features, updates, and keeping us informed. Our customers also benefit. They appreciate that we provide transparent and efficient logistics. Notifications can be sent out at every step of the process. Whether a shipment is ready or a container is being loaded, the customer is always informed; that is how it should be.

Frank Vreeburg

“This speeds up our whole process.”

Jordi Holthuis, Team Leader Expedition, uses CargoSnap daily: “we never had to take photos in our process; it took little time to get used to it. It sounded like an extra procedure, consequently more work, but I found out that it was optimizing our workflow. No more questions from the office like: ‘Did you take this with you?’, or customers who want extra photos. All the data is within one platform; each document has an identification number, very efficient. We did receive instructions on how to use the app and platform. We did not use it as it is a user-friendly app. You look at your phone and know exactly what to do.

Jordi Holthuis

“We have become even more efficient with this app.”

Luc Bosma, Team Leader Trainee, checks whether pallets of drinks leave entirely in order: “It’s quite a responsibility. If something goes wrong, I’ll be responsible for it as I am the last one to check the goods. I think it’s great to take as many photos as we want, collecting all the evidence and storing it within one platform. For example, if a customer says that two bottles are missing, we can show photos proving that it is not our fault as we sent the goods in perfect condition. If you follow the steps in the app, you’ll be working accurately by yourself. That’s perfect!

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