The faster this data, such as photos, is received, the better our customer response will be.

ABENI: 'The faster this data, such as photos, is received, the better our customer response will be.'

CargoSnap delivered a simple, customized, and flexible solution for our business model, improving the speed of information flow to our customers.

With more than 20 years in the international logistics and Surveyor market, Abeni Group is recognized as an innovative company, always seeking improvements in quality and efficiency. The main pillar of their business is the maintenance of absolute transparency in the relationship with their stakeholders and the constant use of technology to ensure a first-class service to customers that are present in more than 50 countries around the world.

Abeni’s Group’s core values were reflected in what CargoSnap offers in terms of process improvement and a more efficient and speedy information flow. " The very first time I saw how CargoSnap app was working, I knew it that we had found a partner for our operations! It was all we were looking for, a tool that shortened the distance between port operations and terminals with our Office." Says André Rodrigues – CEO of ABENI Group.

If you are looking for speed of data information flow, you have come to the right place!

Speed and flexibility, an opportunity that CargoSnap is happy to provide at any time!

CargoSnap was specifically developed for the world of Logistics, allowing customers to create themselves a customized solution to reflect their unique processes. And with Cargosnap, we were able to improve by 60% the amount of time between the point of data (snap,checklist or document) collection from the terminal to data being made available in the Office in order to be filed, organized and shared.

We had previously adopted several solutions to streamline operational routines. Anything from certificates being issued by our own system or a solution to communicate with our customers. We were still missing a vital part where vital data could be efficiently collected in the field ie our terminals. The faster this data, such as photos, is received, the better our customer response will be. ," adds André.

Solving complex problems? Leave it to us!

We are particularly happy about this working relationship as ABENI has become what we call a “hard user” ie they use almost all of the available features of the solution both in the app and in the platform. They use extensively the QR-TO-FIELD function that allows companies to automatically file several accessory fields of information, that can be useful in an advanced search but also for effective reporting.

I understood CargoSnap’s features but something was missing, I needed a second and even a third tier of references of our files, which then were only managed by a container number. In a quick chat with CargoSnap Team I was introduced to the QR-TO-FIELD function. With one click we managed to fill in several fields such as : Booking reference, Vessel, Service Order and more, everything was there.”, comments Daniel Lopes, Supervisor of Operations.

Further growth of CargoSnap use within the company.

With such a success in adoption within the container operations, ABENI has plans to expand the use of CargoSnap in other operations within the group. “The increased speed of information flow was significant, and our customers were very happy with improved quality of service. Our Administrative staff have become huge fans as they are saved from tedious repetitive tasks. Today we accomplish more, with less effort! “, concludes André.