Added 9 March, 2020

Mobile & Web Developer

  • you will become the ‘wizard’ who builds (out) our mobile apps (Android and iOS). You will give direction to the development. If you think we should change the architecture, then we should.
  • you will work on customer driven development, but you will also implement your own ideas. We try to beat the customer to their requirements.
  • you will also help us with our Saas Cloud platform.
  • you will work with Open Source products. Our apps are build with React Native, but we also use PHP/Laravel, CSS and JavaScript; and there is room for more.

We are looking for:

  • someone with strong affinity with building a business to business mobile app.
  • someone with passion, who wants to take the lead in developing a product.
  • someone who can easily work independently, within a small team.

Keywords: [SQL, Android, iOS, React Native, Azure, Fun, Quality, Play, Invent]