21 April, 2020 Marcel Merkx Marcel Merkx

Why SCA thinks CargoSnap is “incredibly efficient”

SCA logistics is the logistics arm of the world’s leading wood, paper and pulp company. We are -of course- really proud to have them as our customer, but when we were pointed to their recent internal publication “New Ways”, we were just amazed! We are featured in a great article! Download it here:

SCA Logistics

SCA Logistics executes a standard process that is rather common in container shipping: the inbound inspection of the empty container. There are good reasons to do so (read the article!), for companies want to avoid soiling their own product in a dirty container but also to prevent penalties down the line.

This new system saves us a great deal of time; time that we can then use to give our customers an even better service - Roger Sävåker, Risk Manager at SCA Logistics

I believe that the key to the success is our focus on logistics. The CargoSnap team understands the requirements in various shipment operations and hand the tools to quickly and easily set up cargo and equipment inspections: CargoSnap does what is needed and saves time. For example: the inbound process that SCA Logistics uses, is supported by CargoSnap and can be installed with just a simple click, using one of the ‘Quick settings’. Users in the terminal can scan container codes, barcodes and seal numbers, from their mobile phones to save even more time. We also feature processes for truck and bulk loading and discharge.

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