25 November, 2020 Marcel Merkx Marcel Merkx

From idea to a full-featured product in three years. How did that happen and what’s next?


Hey Customer!

You may have heard the latest news: we have Rotterdam Port Fund as a new investor. We are proud to say this is great news!

First of all, we would like to say that we love your appreciation and support. You have given us a big encouragement to go out and bring our solution to other companies. To do that, we want to accelerate and invest in markets that haven’t heard of us yet.

So, let me give you a quick retrospective on how the company grew rapidly in three years.

The idea behind CargoSnap came about in 2016 due to a question by Euro-Rijn, a leading logistics handler of metals and non-ferrous alloys. They wanted to have an easy mobile tool to collect data -particularly photos- in the terminal. The process is of crucial importance here: data is valuable to the cargo owner, and an app makes the process easier, thought Euro-Rijn. From that desire, CargoSnap was born.

Today, we have more than 100 customers worldwide, and the number keeps growing. As a company, we are really proud to serve so many great companies; you are all thought leaders and your input is a valuable boost to spread our brand to a global market. Many thanks!

We were on a very pleasurable growth trajectory, where we have reached the level that there was a decision to be made.

About 2 years ago, we started going out and casually talking to entrepreneurs, getting to know more about their business, and what they are looking for. It was very relevant when our path crossed with Rotterdam Port; a Logistics fund investing in Logistics innovators. We felt like a homecoming, part of where we are from and validating what we are: an innovative solution for Logistics. Their investment also validates what we do, providing recognition for our product, with a worldwide image in the port of Rotterdam.

Rotterdam Port saw validation into our proposition.

As result, this investment is bringing about an opportunity to learn more mature processes that require as we grow as a company, and we will also be able to hire more talent. Our next step is not only about growth, but also about our customers; we intend to keep you amazed and satisfied. We will stay committed to delivering a high-quality product and service.

Many of you consider our product very valuable, and we want to continue capturing that excitement for our next customers. We will focus on turning this problem that every logistics company has into a product that can be deployed globally.

I am proud of our current customer base; I love them.

Certainly, you have been thinking of the global situation that we are facing now. Undoubtedly many companies are tackling uncertainty, reducing their incomes during

this pandemic. However, you stayed with us; we appreciate your business and find the recognition that our product is not a luxury product. Rather, it is a great sign as it is our goal to be part of your company’s operation, providing noticeable value.

The team we have here is knowledgeable, diverse, and fun. I believe it is a wonderful foundation for the company in the upcoming years.

As we are talking about customers, growth, plans. CargoSnap is looking for new talent that is really interested in joining the mission to make it even better. We want to establish a team that is hungry to grow and have fun in the process.

Starting the year with a team of four, we are currently eight people and we will double the size over the coming year. We are excited to welcome the next group of team members, to build up an environment where people enjoy working on the product, ensuring that customers will also like it.

Recently, we moved to a lovely office in the heart of Utrecht, right near to the Central Station so we can host that team. I can hardly wait for our plans to unfold and much hope you experience what we aim to deliver: a lot of value from a product that suits your needs. Brought with love from the global CargoSnap team!

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