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Minerva Foods: 100% loads inspected ✔

This is how Minerva Foods has improved Quality indicators and delivers Transparency to its customers

Minerva Foods adopted CargoSnap in August 2018 and in just over a year of activity, more than 14,000 shipments have been inspected, generating more than 265,000 snaps and forms. These are fabulous figures from this Brazilian animal protein giant that focuses on production and export to the Global market, has 12 industrial units and 9 distribution centers in Brazil and has units in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina, Chile and Colombia.

Like every major exporter, Minerva Foods always needs to update and improve Quality procedures to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding and transparency-focused market. Additionally, they needed a tool that would help them improve quality indicators, such as:

  • reduce response time to customers,
  • create more assertive and easy-to-locate evidence,
  • improve the process of issuing photographic reporting to the Department of Agriculture (SIF)
  • increase the samples of the inspected boxesin orderto create an audit trail that could support the discussion of possible questions (claims).

Minerva saw in CargoSnap an effective solution to create, organize and manage evidence of thousands of shipments in a few clicks. We worked with Minerva’s quality teams and were able to create customized processes and workflows to serve various areas of the company, especially ‘Logistica e Qualidade’ (the Supply Chain Quality department). Initially covering all transportation activities, today Minerva uses CargoSnap to inspect cold chambers, packaging and sampling at slaughter.

And the results of this work have been fantastic! Minerva success case

According to Mateus Luz, Logistics Manager at Minerva Foods:

CargoSnap delivered an innovative solution, with a practical approach focused on the pains of the Logistics sector. I also highlight the amount of new functions, they keep innovating, every month there is something new. The last was the OCR of the container seal, we will be implementing very soon.

That’s how, at CargoSnap we treat your challenge like ours! We share ideas and solutions in a win-win relationship. We believe that longevity in partnerships is the key to success. We pride ourselves on having global customers in practically any modality and commodity.

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