16 April, 2020 Guest Author: Lina Jasutiene Guest Author: Lina Jasutiene

We are proud to present our very first guest blog! Lina Jasutiene is CEO of Recoupex, a great help for shippers and logistics companies that need to deal with logistics (damage) claims, but do not have the time or expertise to handle the claim. In todays blog, Lina gives you 4 tips to get your claim handled faster!

Lina from Recoupex has 4 tips to get your claim handled (and paid) faster.

Some of you may recall the stress of loss or damages of your cargo. For some of you, it has been recent. On the top of spoiled mood, you probably incurred financial losses as well…

This time let’s talk about something near and dear to everybody’s heart: Money!

Claiming cargo losses or damage from shipping lines or transportation companies gets more and more overwhelming every year.

The next 5 min reading will literally save you a fortune, significantly increase the likelihood of getting compensation for your cargo damages. It’s like getting superpowers. In the article, we will share with you 4 powerful tips of how to accelerate cargo claim refunds and collect no brainer evidence that your cargo was delivered to the destination damaged and it was #NoneOfYourFault.


It is totally fine to claim compensation from the liable party every time. Whoever damaged your cargo, has to be the party to pay for it. Not insurance, not you…, but the liable party! The truth is - more you delay, fewer chances you have to obtain the settlement. Faster you act, collect damage evidence and have more time to protect time bar (statutory time limit for the enforcement of a cargo claim through legal proceedings).


Shipping lines and transportation companies deliberately “forget” to state in their official claim procedures list of pictures they do expect the claimant to present as evidence to settle the claim ASAP or AT ALL. 9 out of 10 times when cargo is damaged in transit, receiver forget to take pictures or present all kinds of pictures - unload cargo, return container empty and only then try to claim… Guess, what kind of compensation will you get? Right! Zero.

Just look at the pictures in this blog. These are typical pictures submitted by the claimant to the shipping line and REJECTED. Result - 0💰

You may ask “Why”? You see, these pictures do not finger point to the shipping line that THIS cargo was carried + damaged by THEM and HOW it was damaged?

Action Step 1. To collect proper photographic evidence you, driver, warehouse team need smartphone only. Nothing more!

Action Step 2. Take pictures of container: with clearly visible container number on a door and side panel. Then take pictures evidencing that container was damaged (holed bent, dropped, corner post damages, etc), poor condition (heavy rust, dents, old door gaskets, etc) or was submerged in water (visible water lines on side panels, etc). Pictures should be taken from outside and inside a container.

Action Step 3. The next picture has to show how cargo was properly stuffed inside the container (that shipper fulfilled an obligation to pack, stuff and seal container properly at the time of loading).

Action Step 4. Try to show the extent of damage when taking the picture. Was it only 1 bag of rice soaked in the water or half of the container?

Action Step 5. Take all the pictures before you return empty container to container yard. If possible, put the time stamp on each picture and send it immediately to the transportation company together with the claim!


We mean a Joint survey. This is a legal procedure that you need to comply with. Regardless of the liable party attend a joint survey at your warehouse or not, invite them. Make sure the container is available to be inspected during the joint survey.


Do a better job on following up with the shipping line after you submit a claim. Have system and processes in place.

We have seen too many good claims dye, just because Claimant forgot to chase the claim or the shipping line willfully dragged the case until it became time-barred!

If you submitted a copy of BL, commercial invoice, packing list, damaged cargo pictures and a few other pieces of evidence witnessing your cargo loss, do not lose a battle due to failure to timely follow up. Don’t do it mañana. Do it today.

Moral of the story

Obtaining compensation from the liable party when your cargo is damaged is not a mystical process. It doesn’t just happen… It’s intentional, not accidental.

The reality is that most shippers put too much significance on being patient and wishing their cargo claim compensation will just be paid and not enough emphasis on settling the claim down!

We believe these 4 powerful tips will help you not only obtain your lawful compensation much faster but also will keep you stress-free!!!

One small action a day leads to big results and Recoupex got you covered

About Recoupex: Recoupex's mission is to boost global trade by creating a frictionless cargo claim refund experience through technology, globally active network of lawyers and experts to substantially reduce the losses for freight forwarders, insurers and cargo owners when cargo is lost or damaged in transit. Recoupex makes claiming compensation straightforward for all customers who are unsure of their rights, lack the time, or lack the expertise to embark on the claims process themselves.

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