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Euro Nordic Saves Valuable Time with CargoSnap

Euro Nordic Saves Valuable Time with CargoSnap

Preventive effect

Euro Nordic, like much of the logistics world, sees taking pictures as a part of the daily routine. But managing and coordinating that data can be time-consuming. With CargoSnap, the logistics service provider from The Netherlands spends much less time archiving, searching and sending images. According to managing Director Kees Groeneveld, *“There is an additional advantage

  • the app has a preventive effect.”* Euro Nordic Logistics is a full-service provider in maritime logistics. The company is active in forwarding, storage, container transport and customs clearance, with a focus on Scandinavia. *“Our head office in Moerdijk for example, is the representative of a liner service to Norway”*, says Groeneveld.

Taking photos, videos and scans of documents has become part of the daily routine. Employees visually document the state of cargo on arrival or departure from the port of Moerdijk. What is the content of a container? Have the goods suffered damage? “Our customers want to be assured that a container is clean and undamaged before their goods are loaded. So, what is easier than taking a picture?”

No more manual camera downloads

The Euro Nordic staff take hundreds of photos per day. The management of all these snaps was a painstaking task. “At the end of each day we used to upload the content of at least five digital cameras and archive all images manually. If we needed those images at a later stage, a lot of time was also lost, just trying to find out where they were stored”, Groeneveld reminds itself.

Implementation of CargoSnap has put an end to this. With the easy to use app, the people of Euro Nordic easily create and share photos with colleagues, customers, and suppliers with any smartphone or tablet. The images are automatically stored in the cloud of CargoSnap. Because each image is linked with a scanned barcode or a manually entered order number, the images are easily retrieved.

Preventive effects of CargoSnap

Euro Nordic integrated the app with both the Warehouse and Transport Management system. Managing director Kees Groeneveld calls this solution ideal. “All information about a shipment - including the images - is now in one digital file. Clicking on the CargoSnap logo is sufficient to access the images in the cloud. The standard interface provided by CargoSnap and our solutions saves us valuable time and allows us to deliver even more quality to our customers. Some of our customers now also use CargoSnap!”

How much time Euro Nordic saves with the app and platform is hard to calculate. Both the warehouse staff and the office staff work more efficiently than before. “If I have to make an estimation, I think CargoSnap now saves us the work of one FTE”, says Groeneveld. “Any claims about damage can now be clarified more quickly. In addition, the app has a preventive effect. People are extra cautious because they know we are capturing everything visually.”